The Matrix
Game of The Year Edition

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Are you sick of your knowledge of the real world appearing utterly fragmented in your mind's eye upon recollection? Have you ever wondered who that weird kid who loved Neo was? Were you aware just how totally Niobe kicks ass? Big Monica Belluci fan? Did you wish the rave on Zion felt maybe a little bit more earned? Anime is pretty beautiful, isn't it?


Do you want it all?

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Incorporating every available piece of a/v canon in chronological order, by running this program you can now view everything there is to see in The Matrix universe from beginning to end. The program is presented in 720p as of its v0.9 release, to maintain visual fidelity across the various mediums incorporated therein, The Matrix [Game of The Year Edition] v0.9 is open source and early access.


v1.0 will incorporate the upcoming Matrix sequel as well as various patches that become clear upon further review/user feedback. This program is available solely for reference purposes and may not be profited from in any way by any party other than the original owner of the various source materials.

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In order to maintain some semblance of surprise, release notes will be further analyzed and re-encoded for eventual release in a patch containing all sequencing and raw coding in plain txt format. Said patch will be made available at an indeterminate time in the future.


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Source code:
The Animatrix.avi
The Matrix.avi
Enter The Matrix.avi
The Matrix Reloaded.avi
The Matrix: Path of Neo.avi
The Matrix Revolutions.avi